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(Budapest, July 5, 1914 - Budapest, April 10, 1995)

Dedicated to SXL

Schubert: Impromptu Op.90-3 - (Annie Fischer Live in Toronto)

March 4th, 1986, St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts in Toronto


Encore piece after an all Beethoven recital
*She didn't leave any commercial recordings of this work

“The female pianist I like the best"

Martha Argerich, pianist

Oct. 2003


"I have long been a real fan of her.......she was a very intense and dedicated musician"

Edward Auer, pianist

Dec.20, 2014


"She possessed rhythmic verve and a fine sense of poetry...she was turly great pianist and always friendly"

Paul Badura-Skoda, pianist

Dec.26, 2014


"One of my favorite pianists......who were not my mentors but greatly influenced me"

Dimitri Bashkirov, pianist

Oct.24, 2003 & Nov.2010


"...on top of the female pianists, together with beloved Clara Haskil and Elly Ney"

Jörg Demus, pianist

Dec.21, 2014


"A great lady of the keyboard, fine artist and deep musician"

Pascal Devoyon, pianist
Dec.18, 2014


"It was her recording of Beethoven's Third Piano Concerto that had a profound influence on me when I was learning the work for the first time at 12......she gave the impression of total wonderment at the music she was playing"

Peter Donohoe, pianist
Dec.22, 2014


"She was wonderful, so passionate and spontaneous ...... her concerts were often full of wrong notes, but she never lose the big things"

Ts'ong Fou, pianist

Dec.17, 2014


"An example of a great human being. As any art (especially music) making reflects first of all the human qualities her art will always be needed"

Andrei Gavrilov, pianist

Dec.19, 2014


"She was a performer of colossal character and strenghth behind a facade of supreme elegance"

Leslie Howard, pianist

Dec.19, 2014


"I approach her with the greatest respect as a one-time idol of mine"......"Genuine modesty combined with queenlike dignity: seems almost inconceivable for one and the same person nowadays"

Zoltan Kocsis, pianist
Oct. 2014 and May 10, 2015


"childlike simplicity, immediacy and wonder"

Maurizio Pollini, pianist

Date Unknown


"One of the very greatest musicians and pianists in the history"

Jorge Luis Prats, pianist

Dec.19, 2014


"A great artist imbued with a spirit of greatness and genuine profundity"

Sviatoslav Richter, pianist

Jan.1988, Diary published  in <<Richter: Notebooks and Conversations>>


"Annie Fischer was wonderful, she was my Idol...the first time I heard she played was the Schubert sonata, when I was a small child. It was superb."

Andras Schiff, pianist

Feb. 28, 2016


"The most gifted Hungarian pianist of the century"

George Solti, conductor

1997, <<Memories by Sir George Solti>>


"I find her the most artistic in spirit. She is the real artist with whom I am able to forget the instrument"
Tamas Vasary, pianist

Aug.10, 1976


"One of the pianists impressed me most with Schumann's music"

Eliso Virsaladze, pianist

Apr.19, 2009


"I was at her concert in Moscow about 60 years ago.... she performed Beethoven's 15 Variations, Op.35 and I  still remember how great she played"

Oxana Yablonskaya, pianist

Dec.21, 2014

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